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About Us

I have always enjoyed working with my hands, as well as been impressed by the beauty of natural stone and tile designs. So in 2006, I enrolled in the Quebec Trades Institute to become a professional tile setter. I had the opportunity to complete my six year apprenticeship alongside experienced and knowledgeable people who mentored me through the use of all products and techniques available at the time. But the consistent flow of new concepts and material developed by the industry, has made the journey a continual growth, deepening my level of expertise year after year. Fast forward 10,000 hours of experience later, I was now a confident journeyman in charge of high-end condominium projects in Québec City.  


Despite my stimulating career, I was feeling the need for a new challenge on both the professional and personal level. So I began the process of starting my own business. But the industry design and intricate bureaucracy brought me to question the viability of building a new company from the ground up in the province of Quebec. 

A cousin living in Vancouver at the time, was regularly trying to convince me to move my operation to the land of opportunity that is the great Canadian West Coast. Having visited BC in the past, to enjoy the copious amount of fresh snow the Rockies had to offer, I was well aware of its appeal and beauty. I had dreamed of living out west before, but my new career had forced me to put the project on hold. Until September 2016, when I decided to take the leap and move to British Columbia for a new chapter. In the first couple of years, I had the chance to subcontract for two well established and reputable companies, during which I got to learn about new aspects of the trade, different from Quebec’s common practices.  Once again, becoming more versed as a product specialist, now providing anti-fracture mat, oversized tiles and professional mitering services. 

In 2017, I moved my office and warehouse to the East Vancouver area, giving me an easy access to the Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, while remaining in proximity to the North Shore, and to multiple distributors located in Burnaby. Shortly after, I incorporated my company and officially became DM Tile & Stone Inc. With the help of collaborators and other experienced industry professionals, I managed to fulfil the needs of interior decorators, home designers, and general contractors, as well as many homeowners over the years. This exposure allowed me to build the reputation that makes my company what it is today. And despite the fact that my business has been experiencing constant growth, I have remained heavily involved and present on every project, personally delivering the level of quality expected by my clients. 


I am extremely grateful to everyone who supported me in the development of my career and my business during this challenging transition. Integrity and hard work has made me a better person and provided me with the tools I needed to design the life I wanted. Once again my name is Dave Munro, owner/operator of DM Tile & Stone Inc., and I hope that this glimpse of my story will entice you in using my services for your next projects.  See projects by DM Tile & Stone

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions and inquiries.

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